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Stone, shell, pottery, and more disposable materials were used. Ancient Egyptians commonly wore pendants, some formed like hieroglyphs. Pendants can have a number of functions, which may be combined: Award (i. e., Hunting Ireland Chief Scout's Award, Order of CChulainn) Identification (i. e., religious signs, sexual signs, symbols of rock bands) Ostentation (i.

Protection (i. e., amulets, religious symbols) Self-affirmation (i. e., initials, names) The many specialized types of pendants include lockets which open, frequently to expose an image, and pendilia, which hang from bigger things of metalwork. Throughout the ages, pendants have actually come in a variety of kinds to serve a variety of purposes.

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These are things believed to have wonderful or spiritual power to secure the user from threat or resolve wicked influences. Talisman [edit] Comparable to an amulet, a talisman is a things believed to possess supernatural qualities. However, while an amulet is strictly a protective things, a talisman is meant to confer special advantages or powers upon the user.

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They generally can be found in the kind of a pendant hanging from a locket, though they will sometimes be hung from a charm bracelet. Medallion [modify] A medallion is most frequently a coin-shaped piece of metal worn as a pendant around the neck or pinned onto clothes. Another Point of View are usually given as awards, recognitions, or spiritual true blessings.

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Practical pendants [edit] Tools used as pendants consist of Maori pounamu pendants. Shepherd's whistles, bosun's whistles, and ocarinas can also be made as pendants. Portable astronomical and navigational instruments were made as pendants. In the first decade of the 21st century, jewellers started to incorporate USB flash drives into pendants. Fashion pendants [edit] Style pendants consist of a small imaginative piece often made from precious or non-precious stones and metals like diamonds or pearls hanging freely from a chain or pendant.

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